Five Good Ideas Podcast

Five good ideas about re-opening your workplace post COVID-19

Five Good Ideas Podcast
Five good ideas about re-opening your workplace post COVID-19

In this session, originally recorded on May 26, 2020, Robyn Osgood and Dave McKechnie share their five good ideas about re-opening your workplace post COVID-19.

Robyn Osgood, Managing Director, McMillan Vantage Policy Group, and Dave McKechnie, Chair, Employment & Labour Relations, McMillan LLP, discussed their five good ideas for organizations to implement as we think about re-opening our workplaces, including re-examining how we work and implementing lessons learned over the course of the COVID-19 crisis.

Five Good Ideas

  1. It’s chaos, be kind (learn to embrace the chaos while sweating the big stuff)
  2. Level up: it’s (past) time to upgrade (and it’s not just about technology)
  3. Figure out what’s worked and hasn’t worked (and who it is that makes the determination)
  4. Know your team: what will it take for people to work in an office
  5. Hold up a mirror: do as you say

Additional resources:

  1. Presentation slides (PDF)
  2. Returning to Work: Is Your Organization Ready? (PDF): A three-point Return-to-Work Health Check to help associations and not-for-profits navigate the new normal
  3. McMillan Lawcasts: Archive of webinars to help you and your team stay current on the latest legal developments (note: free registration required)
  4. Edited online chat transcript

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About Robyn Osgood and Dave McKechnie

Robyn Osgood is a Managing Director at McMillan Vantage Policy Group. She has almost 30 years of experience providing strategic communications counsel and developing and implementing communications plans. She has worked extensively with the NGO sector over that time.

Dave McKechnie is the Chair of Employment & Labour Relations, McMillan LLP. He practices in all areas of labour and employment law at both the provincial and federal level.

The podcast is provided for general information purposes only. It is neither intended as, nor should be considered, legal advice and listeners are cautioned against making any decisions based on this material alone. Rather, a qualified lawyer should be consulted. © McMillan LLP 2020.

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