Five Good Ideas Podcast

Five Good Ideas about creating a psychologically safe workplace culture

Five Good Ideas Podcast
Five Good Ideas about creating a psychologically safe workplace culture

In this session, originally recorded on January 28, 2020, we look at how individuals, managers, and organizations can create psychologically safe workplaces with Christine Yip.

As work becomes busier, deadlines tighter, and pressure to do more with less becomes the rule rather than the exception, it is not surprising that the “self-care” movement has become more popular than ever. But as organizations continue to require their people to deliver more with less, “self-care” strategies can only go so far. In this Five Good Ideas session, Christine Yip, founder of Organizations for Impact, shares her own personal experience surviving and thriving in high pressure work environments, as well as practical strategies individuals, managers, and organizations can put into practice to “walk the talk” in creating psychologically safe workplaces.

Five Good Ideas

1. Start with compassion – for yourself and those you work with

2. Communicate with courage

3. Find the “Positive Deviants” and share learnings

4. Role model and reward behaviours that promote trust, empathy, and support

5. Set up accountability mechanisms to foster a culture of psychological safety


1. TedTalk Dan Cable: Best-Self Activation | Professor Dan Cable | TEDx London Business School

2. National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (Mental Health Commission of Canada)

3. Guarding Minds at Work Survey & Business Case Tools (Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction)

4. Workplace Strategies for Mental Health by Canada Life

5. Google Re:Work Toolkit for Psychological Safety

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About Christine Yip

Christine Yip is the Founder of Organizations for Impact, a management consultancy that works with leaders across sectors to build more inclusive, psychologically safe, and empowering workplace cultures. Previous to this, Christine worked as a Manager at both Accenture and KPMG consulting practices, and as a social policy researcher at the University of Toronto’s Mowat Centre and the London School of Economics’ Centre for Analysis and Social Exclusion. She holds a Masters Degree in Social Policy and Planning from the London School of Economics and a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of Guelph. She also teaches Change Management at York’s Schulich School of Business.

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