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The Five Good Ideas podcast rebroadcasts some of the best sessions of Maytree’s popular lunch-and-learn program. For each session of Five Good Ideas, an expert from the non-profit or corporate sector shares five practical ideas on a key management issue facing non-profit organizations today. You find sessions from the past season at
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Five Good Ideas about staying on the right side of the CRA

    In this session, originally recorded on November 26, 2019, we look at how your non-profit can minimize the risk of a CRA audit, and be in a good position if and when that auditor gives your organization a call. Our guest speaker for this session is Susan Manwaring.   For the full ...


  2. Five Good Ideas about podcasting with a purpose

    In the session you’re about to hear, originally recorded on October 29, 2019, we look at podcasting as a tool for non-profits to reach and engage new audiences.   As we began to explore the medium of podcasting at Maytree, we reached out to Ausma Malik, Director of Social Engagement at the ...


  3. Five Good Ideas about reflexive leadership

    In this session, you’ll hear Paulette’s ideas on reflexive leadership as a lifelong effort to do the hard work of changemaking, starting with yourself and moving outward to your organization and broader society.   For the full transcript and the ideas, visit   Every leader wants to become the most ...


  4. Five Good Ideas for building strong teams

    In this session, originally recorded on April 30, 2019, we tackle team-building with Naki Osutei.   For the full transcript and ideas, visit   Individuals may generate ideas but teams bring them to life. In some cases we are working with teams of people who report to us in a ...


  5. Five Good Ideas about bridging the age and culture gap for the new workplace

    In this session, originally recorded on March 28, 2019, we look at how to bridge the age and culture gap for the new workplace with our speakers Agapi Gessesse and Nation Cheong. For the full transcript, visit   There is a big shift in the workplace underway right now: ...